Instructor Registration

The Academy is an equal opportunity place that also allows members of the community to express their interests and passion within the profession. We have allowed anyone to be able to register as an instructor on this platform. They are two methods in which one can use either of the two in order to gain the instructor badge.

Here we are going to discuss both methods in order to get you started and well equipped for the status.

Method 1

In order for one to become and instructor on this platform they can take a straight route into the registration page which has been specifically made for instructors.

You can find this page on the navigational top menu of any page other than the home page of this site under the Account panel. Refer to screenshot below:

After filling the form, automatically you would have gained the Instructor status, BUT you will need an Administrators approval in order to start creating courses and earning money for yourself.

Method 2

You might already been registered as a student on this platform and now fill you have what it takes to start publishing courses and earn money for yourself. Do not worry, you can always switch between accounts from student straight to being an instructor without any difficult resetting required.

Since you already have an ACADEMY account, Login straight into your accounts dashboard.

To go to the dashboard panel, navigate to the Account drop-down navigation bar and click on Dashboard.

Refer to the screenshot below:

As observed above, there is an option in which the student can click the button to the top right in order to become and instructor. Just as simple as that.

Just like using Method 1, applicants will also have to wait for approval by and administrator before they can create content that is accessible over the site.

What Next?

After you have gained the instructor badge, you will now be able to create, post, share and earn money from the courses that you create. Please make sure all courses you create are inline with our expected requirements for all courses that are to be delivered on this platform.

As an instructor you also have to know the following information:

  • all instructor profiles are made public ( this ensures course students know who is delivering content to them and also helps them to contact you in the event they need any further assistance from your regarding a certain course)
  • Your name will be visibly aligned to the name of the courses that you would have authored (this means anyone visiting the site can be able to see who the author of a certain course is and can also go further in clicking on your records in order to view the instructors Bio.
  • As an instructor you are entitled to everything that you will have created and all the course credits will go to you.

As part of the maintenance and quality policies for this site, we recommend that as an instructor one should:

  • create a highly competitive Bio on their profile in order to give the public the relevant information they need to know about you and why they should enroll in your courses.
  • always use English as the official communications language
  • avoid the use of copyrighted content from other sources which calls for legal action. If certain content you would like to use on this site is copyrighted, always acknowledge the source of the material to avoid any copyright complications.

For more detailed information about Privacy Policies and Terms and Conditions you an always view whole documentation regarding.

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