Introduction to QGIS Software?

What is QGIS? Where can you get the mapping software and how can one get to install it on their machine?

Interacting with GIS Software?

Get to know where to find what and how to look for what. Get familiar with GIS Software user interface to enable easy navigation.

Creating Your First Map?

What do we do with the software that we have just acquired? Where do we go if we want to create a map and how do we reach to the end?

Publication and Finalization of the Map?

How do we communicate our map data to an audience? How do we share our maps with the public? What are the various formats that we can use
Final Thoughts


You’ve managed to complete the basic course in Creating Basic Maps with QGIS

Now that you have gone through the whole course, reaching this stage should be an indication that you can now create basic maps like the one you just created. 

Be sure to always ask within the Forum if you need help on any concepts that you might not have understood correctly or need clarity on. 

Hoping to see you in the next courses.