Practical Based Approach

Tackling& handling real-life scenarios helps learners navigate within the space swiftly and can be able to easy understand and relate in solving real world problems. 

Passionate Tutors

Anyone with passion can teach and impact their knowledge and skills to other individuals within the community. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. All courses that have been created by any member of the African Surveyors Team are totally free of charge. 

Our aim is to promote enhanced skills learning with a practical based approach and for the platform and content to be easily accessed and affordable for all members of the community.

Yes. Anyone can earn money from this platform by creating courses that pass the approval test by the African Surveyors Connect team. 

Once your Instructor status has been approved, you can create courses within the platform and assign prices as per need and content that you offer people. 

Also note that, your income depends entirely on the amount of people that purchase your course. 

We’re currently not authorized to offer out any certifications at the moment. 

We are working on the matter and in the process of acquiring accreditation from various institutions within the process. Please stay tuned for more.